Friday, 3 August 2012

my cat died

'nuff said.
in other news, i've been extremely busy over the past few weeks.  there have been an extremely large amount of assignments to get done, however, the titan's feet project is finally finished!!! (post more pics up sometime (if laz sends me some final shots that is)).  i'll probably be dissapearing again for a few months, and might even have to move blogs.  i set up a gmail account for dealing with mini stuff and am still figuring out the   works of changing the account to a different email adress etc.  also, hoefully i'll have a nicer layout soon, as one of my courses at the moment is learning webpage making, and i'm keen to use some of my skills i gain from that to make a nicer, less icky webpage for my blog (i don't really like this one).  also, might post u some schoolwork and see what you guys think.
until nxt time

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

IT'S A BASE!!!(the making of) part 2

the next part of this tutorial is about painting and decorating the base.  if you followed through part 1 you should have a base that looks something like this:

now i'm going to show you how to transform it into this:

pretty neat huh? anyway let's get to it.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Titan's feet part 1

even though my studies have been hard, i still have been steadily keeping at the hobby, even though my usual happy time of painting minis has been at best put aside until weekends, i haven't given up onthe hobby just yet.  hell, i even managed to get a commission in the time i've been away.

by now your mind will probably started to wonder off the post because of my random ramblings, and maybe onto why the title of this post is a little stranger than the rest.  well naturally the series of posts with this title are all about the commission i recieved, which happens to also be my first ever.

enough chit chat, let's get down to hobby.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


wait wut?

...anyway, i'm back after uni dragged me kicking and screaming away from here for four months.

long story short: Design is full on, particulary if it's computer graphic design.

so, what's gone on with my life while i've been away from the blogging? not much you say? well...kinda, but there have been some HUGE changes to my life that i've had to get used to. i guess you're not really interested in these but i figured i'd tell you anyway.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

meanwhile on a completely random post...

so.. my room and painting area is getting tidier, but still not enough to paint miniatures again, and my airbrush table has been taken over by my father.  in other news, uni's back in, and o week is going along like this.  i was massed stalked by people taking my pictures yesterday, but i guess that was expected when you go to uni dressed in your Kendo uniform for clubs day.

the part time course i think is a LOT better than the disaster of my first year, when i attempted a full time course, 2 sports, and a bunch of other activities all at the same time.  it was hard, particularily since i do design, and that is a very full on course, but now my workload has been cut in half, i can start to enjoy the things that i used to, like mini painting

anyway here's pretty much what i've been up to on the interwebs lately:





*links because video thing is not working* yeah, nothing much ^^;

anyways, aparently i'm getting spray paint and basing materials today *dances*, and i'll post when i've finished the BIG tidyup (which right now is looking something like this)

until next time

Thursday, 1 March 2012

IT'S A BASE!!! (the making of) pt 1

before i start the tutorial, i'd like to say this: i am re-organizing my entire room, which includes my painting area.  this will take time, so i will be a little slack on the painting side for a while.  i decided to do this because i didn't have any sort of system that let me quickly and easily find the paints/tools/supplies i was looking for, and that meant i was wasting time looking for what i wanted, and broke my concentration.  with a re-organization of things that should change.  to make things even more organised and to store my (soon to be) rapidly growing paint/supply collection (we're finally breaking the GW shell!), we (as in my beloved mother *thank you mum*) have purchased a lot of drawers to accomadate for what i have/ what i'm about to have.  i will post pics when it's all done.  another reason i will be slack is that i've also run out of primer.  i am very specific about what i use, and i only like the GW primers (mostly the skull white) because of the fineness and colour of their spray.

and on a final note, i'd like to thank Slave to Painting for the honourable mention in thier recent competition.  i was really surprised and it was a real morale booster, inspiring me to continue painting and improving my skills. the $50 voucher will be spent readily as soon as you restock on some supplies too :).

right onto the main reason of this post then...

Monday, 27 February 2012

the first, feeble steps on the painter's path (some starry nids for you finally)

i have been away for over a week, but i can tell you that doing this project has already started to bear fruit.  i just finished my first mini in one and a half years.