Friday, 3 August 2012

my cat died

'nuff said.
in other news, i've been extremely busy over the past few weeks.  there have been an extremely large amount of assignments to get done, however, the titan's feet project is finally finished!!! (post more pics up sometime (if laz sends me some final shots that is)).  i'll probably be dissapearing again for a few months, and might even have to move blogs.  i set up a gmail account for dealing with mini stuff and am still figuring out the   works of changing the account to a different email adress etc.  also, hoefully i'll have a nicer layout soon, as one of my courses at the moment is learning webpage making, and i'm keen to use some of my skills i gain from that to make a nicer, less icky webpage for my blog (i don't really like this one).  also, might post u some schoolwork and see what you guys think.
until nxt time

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